accounting and tax consulting

Our accountants provide excellent accounting services to natural and individuals persons. They stand by them every moment, having constant communication about what concerns them. We always work for the benefit of the customer, with complete compliance to the legislation.

For companies:

  • Computerized single and double entry method bookkeeping in our offices or at the headquarters of the company.
  • Starting and Cessation of business.
  • Bookkeeping of Shipping Companies N89 / 67 and Shipping Companies 959/75 as well as Pleasure Craft Maritime Companies (N.E.P.A).
  • Income of Legal Persons.
  • Issue of VAT.
  • Issue of Employment Taxes (ΦΜΥ).
  • Special Tax on Real Estate (Ε.Φ.Α.) of Legal Persons.
  • Compilation of financial statements, balance sheets of all legal forms (SA, Ltd , General Partnership , EU, Private Company), in compliance with IFRS – IAS and Greek Accounting Standards.
  • Consultancy related to the improvement of financial sizes and minimization of taxes
  • Starting and Cessation of business operations.
  • Subsidized programmes by OAED (Manpower Employment Organization) and NSRF
  • Submission of income tax return.
  • Tax representative of foreign companies.

For natural persons:

  • Compilation and submission of tax returns E1, E2 and E9.
  • Submission of form A21 for the granting of family benefits.
  • Heating Oil Consumption Allowance Service.
  • Submission of debt settlement requests via the Directorate General of Taxation (TAXIS).
  • Payment and tax refund notifications.
  • Consultancy on presumptions on maintenance costs, capital consumption.
  • Tax representative of residents in a foreign country.