112 – Gold Package for Residents Abroad (per person /per year)




  • Tax representation.
  • Issuing of Greek Tax Number at the Tax Office of Foreigners Abroad.
  • Registration at Greek Tax Office internet platform (Taxisnet).
  • Issuing of Tax – Key.
  • Change of residenntial address in Greece.
  • Briefing on Investment Opportunities in Greece.
  • Preparation of Annual Income Tax Form (E1).
  • Preparation of Annual Rent Receive Form (E2).
  • Submission of E1 & E2 Forms.
  • Issuing and sending annual Tax Clearance Form.
  • Preparation and Submission of Real Estate declaration form (E9).
  • Submission to tax authorities lease contract.
  • Issuing of annual property tax and instalments.
  • Issuing of instalments at your tax obligations.
  • Issuing of property certificate at real estate transfers.
  • Reports on payments obligations.
  • Reports on payments made.

5% handling fee applies for payments to the Tax Office through K &A SA

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