The company

Our Business

In K&A Business Consultants S.A. reliability, consistency and immediate response is our milestone factors which assist on providing integrate solutions on financial management, tax planning and bookkeeping of your company.

We strengthen your business activity with services such ”business two business”.

Thanks to our years of experience on bookkeeping and consultancy in the particular competitive sector of international shipping market we always succeed a possitive result for our clients.

Our primeraly target is the long term cooperations which is achieved through our methodical way of working and deep knowledge of the subject.

Through out the years we have gained the trust of numerous public and private companies and specially in shipping market and yachting.

Our company is dynamically developing and extends its partnerships nationally and overseas for better customer satisfaction and always concentrating to improve their benefits.

Our Team

K&A Business Consultants S.A. is consists of a dynamic team of experts, highly reliable and professional individuals. Each member holds a university degree either from national or international universities and deep knowledge of the market which can guarantee to our customers the most ideal benefit results.

Due to the methodical way of working of our accountants and consultants we can correspond excellently to the requirements to each and every business.

Our Purpose

K&A Business Consultants S.A. is a result of hardworking and deep knowledge and understanding of the market taking into account the continuous changes of business environment.
Our purpose of existence is to provide a premium customer service by having our customers in the centre of our interest and continuous increase their profitability is our reward.

K&A Business Consultants S.A. is your best allie to forge ahead the prosperity of your company.


K&A Business Consultants S.A. is a member of the following organizations:

Economic Chamber of Greece
Pireus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Greek-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Greece

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